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You’ve set a goal. You’ve broken it down into a plan. You’ve made time for it (even though you didn’t think you had any). Yet something about achieving your goals just isn’t coming together.

It doesn’t make sense. You’ve made your social media accounts, have a nice logo, printed business cards and yet...nothing.

Well, girl, we know what you’re missing--and how to fix it.
How To Hustle Your Way To Achieving Your Goals: The Trés Fleek Guide
How to hustle your way to achieving your goals

You’ve set a goal. You’ve broken it down into a plan. You’ve made time for it (even though you didn’t think you had any). Yet something about achieving your goals just isn’t coming together.

It doesn’t make sense. You’ve made your social media accounts, have a nice logo, printed business cards and yet…nothing.

“I know so much! Why is my side hustle not taking off already?” you cry out in frustration.

Well, girl, we know what you’re missing–and how to fix it. You need to learn how to upgrade your hustle. [Sign up here to get your FREE copy of The Trés Fleek Guide To Crushing Your Goals

Now, people throw out the phrase “keep hustling!” or “stick with it” all the time, but what exactly does it mean? And what’s the best way to hustle?

Let’s first look at the word hustle.

The big mistake most people make when networking is that they fail to reflect on how well their time and method of meeting people is working for them.

Hustle Definition

According to Urban Dictionary, hustle means:

To have the courage, confidence, self belief, and self-determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life.

Hustling means starting from where you are with what you have to get to where you want to be (no matter what may get in your way). So you have to work hard and stick with it. Got it.

But is working hard enough?

If only it were that easy! Working hard is important. But sadly it’s not going to get you all the way to achieving your goals. You need to work smart, not just hard. So how do you do that?

Networking Your Way To A Smarter Hustle

Working smarter starts with a little old trick called “networking”. Now, surely you’ve heard of it before. But networking has never been your style, you think to yourself. The thought of it alone feels so fake and forced (ew).

Well, today we’ll show you that’s not how it has to be.

Like the experts say, networking is crucial. But if you’re like most people, then you’re probably doing it wrong. So what’s the right way then?

The Problem With Traditional Networking

The problem is that our culture has ingrained in us only ONE way of networking. Go into a big room, shake some hands, get some business cards, and then leave.

This way of networking feels forced for many people.

Have you stopped to consider that, based on your unique personality type, you shouldn’t necessarily network the same way as someone else? Instead, you should network in a way that suits your personality, your unique skill set, your personal motivations, or your learning style.

Let’s start by taking a look at what networking really is. Networking is a getting a bunch of people together to chat about shared interests. On top of that, you can cultivate relationships for business, employment, or even just make some new friends.

Hmm…if we really break this definition down, it sounds a lot like having happy hour with your friends (but with the bonus of bringing you closer to achieving your goals). Fairly harmless when you think about it like that, right? So why does networking feel like such a drag?

Well, it’s all in how you look at it. In fact, maybe we shouldn’t be calling it networking at all. Maybe we should call it socializing. And socializing doesn’t sound as salesy and slimey as traditional networking might have sounded to you. In fact, you’re probably starting to think to yourself “how can I use networking to get my side hustle going?”.

We’re glad you asked. Let’s dive into our approach networking.

Networking The Trés Fleek Way

1. First And Foremost: Know Thyself

Don’t try to be outgoing when you’re a true blue introvert. Don’t pretend to be an introvert when you know you’re fierce hand-shaking, business card-toting diva.

For one, people can tell when you’re being inauthentic. In fact, several medical and scientific studies state that your body sees patterns well before your conscious mind.

Meaning your body knows when someone is lying to your face even before you have a moment to rationalize the thought.

So when we say be yourself, we’re not saying it as a woo-woo hippie mantra. We’re saying it ‘cuz it’s backed by science.

Instead of starting with traditional networking events, think of some social activities you already enjoy doing and wouldn’t mind doing again. Need some examples?

  • Book of the month clubs
  • Salsa dancing clubs
  • Gaming conventions
  • Travel groups
  • Women in Business Meetups
  • Online groups and forums
  • Sporting groups
  • Food and wine related groups
  • Playdates for kids groups
  • Camping groups
  • Fitness and bootcamp style clubs

Take a look at that list. None of those are your traditional sit-in-a-big-ol’-room-handing-out-business-cards-until-you-run-out type of groups. They’re fun, interactive, and, best of all, will make you want to attend. Never thought achieving your goals could be this much fun, huh?

Okay, so what do you do once you’ve figured out how you want to network based on your personality?

2. Decide On An End Game

Many people network because they think they should. They think it will help them land better jobs or they read somewhere that’s how to meet C-level execs who can give them their first big break.

In truth, there are lots of different reasons for wanting to meet more people professionally. Whatever your end goal, start by getting clear about it so you’ll know what actions to take.

And whatever you do, don’t do it just because you think you have to. There’s nothing worse for your motivation than feeling like it’s a chore. Instead, do it in a way that’s fun for you–and with your end goal in mind.

For instance, let’s say you’re trying to snag a local Fortune 500 company as a client. You’ve heard through a friend of yours that works there that many of the company’s employees go to a happy hour downtown on the third Thursday of every month (and she’s even invited you to join!).

You’d like to get to know some of them so you can get an idea if working with this company is the best thing for you (and, if it is, you’ll politely share your idea and ask if they can put you in touch with someone in the relevant department).

In this example, your game plan is simple:

  1. Get to know some employees on the inside of the company a bit better
  2. Understand the company’s needs and way of working (and whether it’s a company you’d want to take on as a client)
  3. Ask to be put in touch with the right department to discuss your proposal further

Are there other steps in between these three items? Of course. But the gist of it is simple.

So when we say “know your end game” we mean know the 2-3 milestone markers you need to hit in order to achieve your goal.

Need help making your end goal crystal clear? Here are some questions to fine tune it:

  • Will this help me achieve one of my major goals within the next 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months?
  • Will this help me accelerate towards my ultimate goal?
  • What shifts in my schedule will I need to make in order to make this happen? (Where am I willing to be flexible?)
  •  Would I be angry if I didn’t make any progress on this end game within the next 6 months?

With a nice, new group for networking in hand and a clear end game, it’s time to move on to the most crucial step: creating genuine, real connections with the people you meet.

3. Focus On Creating Genuine, Real Connections

You don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date because it’s way too soon. You need to see the other person for who they are before deciding whether or not you want to be with them on a long-term basis.

Same goes for networking.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to force a connection with someone who doesn’t seem to mesh well with you and your values. The key to unlocking long-lasting, strong relationships via networking events is to be real and to be you. [Read more: “4 Proven Ways To Make Stronger Connections When Networking”]

Focus on who you click with rather than just the people who have the most impressive titles.

Why is that? One strong relationship with someone a bit lower on the corporate food chain is actually more helpful for achieving your goals than chatting with the “big deal” person in the room long enough to get their business card (but without having the strength of a real connection behind it).

4. Re-evaluate Your Networking Choice

The big mistake most people make when networking is that they fail to reflect on how well their time and method of meeting people is working for them.

For instance, let’s say you joined an entrepreneurs group and have been attending monthly meetings regularly to discuss hot topics. You’re kinda getting bored because it’s all talk on their end…where’s the real progress!?

Well, if you’re feeling that way for too long, then that means you should move on!

If a particular networking group is not giving you what you need, leave. There are more groups in the sea! And if this one isn’t feeding your soul, don’t stay put.

We recommend reviewing the networking groups you’ve chosen every 3 months.

  • What are some things to look for?
  • Are you having fun with the group?
  • Are you meeting new people you connect with?
  • Have you learned anything from the group that you’ve immediately applied to your life?
  • Do you find it easy to make time for group activities on your schedule?
  • Are you looking forward to the next meeting?
  • Do you tell your friends and family about it in an excited, optimistic way?
  • and, most importantly,
  • Have you been able to make progress on achieving your goals thanks to this group?

If you can answer yes to 4 or more of these questions, then you may be in a group that is worth your while. If not, it’s time to look around to see what other groups are out there.

Now Go Hustle Your Way To Success!

When you network the Tres Fleek way, you’re going to get where you want to be faster. And you’re going to have a ton more fun along the way. Listen, adulting is hard enough as it is, let’s not make it harder.

Achieving your goals starts with creating a networking life that brings out your best and helps you shine brighter in the world. Tell us in the comments how you plan on networking in the next couple of weeks.

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