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The Trés Fleek Guide To Handling Haters, Naysayers, and Petty People

07 Mar: The Trés Fleek Guide To Handling Haters, Naysayers, and Petty People

You’ve reached that milestone in goal achievement at which everyone around you starts to see that your hard work is paying off. But they’re not all reacting how you thought they would. Now don’t get us wrong, many people will be supportive of your efforts. They’ll be proud, cheer you on, and even ask what they can do to help. But others? Oh no, honey. They’re in full-on sabotage mode and want to take you down by any means necessary.
4 “No Website Needed” Way to Make An Extra $10,000 This Year

28 Feb: 4 “No Website Needed” Ways to Make An Extra $10,000 This Year

Wanna start a side hustle that’s not only easy to get off the ground but brings in cash money from Day 1 so you can have the funds to go after an even bigger, bolder goal? Or maybe you’re on a mission to start saving up for your dream vacay or paying off high-interest debt, but you need a bit of extra moolah to get you there. No matter the end goal, we know you have a burning desire to start something major. You wouldn’t be hanging out at if you didn’t. And that’s why you’re friggin’ awesome. But you’re starting to feel like a raging failure for not having fulfilled that dream. If only you knew how to get started...

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